Night On The Roseberry

Two weeks ago, we hosted our first in-store fashion show. When we initially created our store concept, we built a custom-made stage that would one day be used for a fashion show. Well, 3 years later we finally made use of it! Our vision really came to life and we were able to have an amazing night with our clients. Frank Photography was our amazing photographer for the night. This post will be updated once he finished editing our pictures. In the meanwhile, here are our thoughts: 

  • How fun is it that men made it out to the event? Why not get dressed up and attend a fashion show? We can all pretend we're in NYC. It was as close as it gets. 
  • The ladies wanted MORE. Fashion shows are so much work, and we could've shown our clients so many more looks. Next time. 
  • A lot of our clients missed out on this event. We announced it last minute because, well, it was last minute. The idea had been brewing in our minds for a LONG time but we had little notice to prepare since we had to plan the event around Artisan's opening. We're so happy it was a success but we wish some of our clients had the chance to attend!
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