About us

Welcome to LEX! Here is our story. 


LEX Boutique is a women's clothing boutique founded by Alexa Elias in 2016. We now have two locations in northern New Brunswick: Campbellton in Bathurst. We offer a curated selection of classics & trend pieces. What is most important to us? Quality clothing and customer service above all. The buyer for all LEX products remains Alexa and she is always on the lookout for the best brands and hottest trends to introduce to her customers. 


Here is what we're all about here at LEX.

-Fashion should be fun.

-Fashion is for everyone. 

-Outfit planning: we recommend it. Those fabulous outfits you see online can be achieved with a little help from Team LEX. 

-Quality over quantity any day of the week (we're always wearing our favorites anyways!)

-A good coat. A good bra. A good pair of jeans. A good pair of boots. Let's start there!


Fun Fact: Grandpa LEX sold women's clothing his whole life, owning a department store called Elias. He still gives LEX valuable advice that remains true to this day.